About our company


Ecwind is a company from Olofström, Sweden. We manufacture, market and sell wind turbines with our own design. If you have the wind, we have the turbine.


In a couple of years we are one of the leading companies in the world for wind turbines in the size  40 – 100 kW.


Wind power development is fast and our co-operation with companies having excellence within their fields, universities and institutes together with international accredited certification bodies gives a wind turbine that will keep its promises.

Quality assurance

We follow all applicable standards and rules and will meet the high expectations for a modern wind turbine. With our knowledge and excellence in serial production coming from the automotive industry we can guarantee a product made according to the latest demands and directives in quality assurance.

FEM-calculations are available for all vital parts of the structure.


Local suppliers

We have selected local suppliers who are certified and well known. For special components we chose suppliers with the required excellence.

Local owners

With a local ownership of the company, we ensure endurance, resilience, and care for the company and the community. Our owners have long experience from industrial innovation and creative solutions. With their wisdom and trail of prosperity we build a company for the future.

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